viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

Statement for -EMERGENT- art show -RANIVILU Art Gallery-

The cities that we love are moved by different rhythms; people are distinguished by their abilities and the way they handle day-to-day existence. The chaos in each life is summed one by one to build a crisis whiting society, transforming personal anarchy into powerful energy that can be used for good or for bad.

All differences between people brake when the front lines of unlike individuals connect, for better or for worse these connections will have imminent results on each other’s lives.  A positive approach to these encounters will ultimately affect the vibes of the city.

Deep colors will advise about the calamity and confusion with points of light that refer to the never-ending hope.  Dark lines maintain a tempo, connecting people of the world and bringing them together.

In the city some buildings point up and some point down, this may be a reference to the differences between inhabitants, differences that vary from person to person, as it is possible for a rich man to be at his worst time, and for a poor man to be at his best. The city gives no truce.

domingo, 26 de octubre de 2014

Nuevo proyecto -Traveling Lines-

La idea es enviar por correo postal obras de arte incompletas, para que las personas que reciban sean parte activa de su conclusión final. 
Una vez que sean recibidas las piezas completadas de todas partes del mundo serán unidas en obras de formatos medianos y grandes, comunicándose entre ellas. 
Es un concepto que plantea unir a las personas de un mundo convulsionado a través del arte, y que realicen una actividad extraordinaria dentro de sus rutinas. 
Participa enviado tu dirección con código postal!